View Full Version : How strong are the retention modules for the cpu heatsink on motherboards?

06-19-06, 12:37 PM
I wonder how strong the heatsink retention units are on today's motherboards.

Some aftermarket heatsinks are much heavier then the stock ones; what are the chances that one of these large/heavy heatsinks could break of the little tab (or tabs) on the heatsink retention module?

The AM2 heatsink retention modules only have 2 tabs (one on each side) to hold the heatsink, wasn't that dumb to not have 3 on each side for strength?

06-19-06, 12:49 PM
I think lots of aftermarket heat sinks come with their own retention mounts. So I'd assume that they are strong enough to hold the heat sink they were designed for. I know my Xp-90 did came with its own.

06-19-06, 12:57 PM
I'm particularly interested in how strong the stock motherboard retention clips are. (the black clips on the module around the cpu).