View Full Version : Black screen after exiting Games with 9x.xx ?

06-22-06, 05:16 AM

I just wanted to know if someone else was experiencing the same problem as me : most of the time, when i exit from a game, i get a black screen and i can't do anything else than rebooting the pc. It only occurs with the new 9x.xx drivers but since i reverted to 84.43 i don't have this problem anymore.


06-23-06, 06:47 AM
This is a known problem with 91.31 at least. Try pressing Windows key + L when it turns black.

06-23-06, 07:18 AM
I found this annoying as well, pretty much desktop kinda ****s up. Computer is running fine but the video is just like a screenshot. I fixed it by playing a video file, ie pressing my media key on my keyboard and pressing play, which makes the movie play and the desktop comes to life...someone said cntr+alt+del to get task manager, i guess windows + l might do the same thing..also running another game fixes it too..sometimes...either way its annoying

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