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06-22-06, 02:45 PM
Hi all :),

I currently am using ATI cards in crossfire, but I am considering buying a 7950GX2 and firing up my old ASUS A8N-E motherboard!

The reason I'm considering going back to Nvidia is two fold.

1 - ATI software does not allow user made Crossfire profiles :(, and since my game ( Grand Prix Legends ) is quite old it is VERY unlikely ATI will ever make a profile for it.

2 - When playing GPL online I get some latency for a about 2 seconds when the game changes from the menu screens ( 640x480, 16bit ) to the on track screen ( 1920x1200, 32bit ). This latency prevents me from "hosting" online races.

Now here is my question about the 7950GX2 -

1 - Does the 7950GX2 driver software allow "user" made SLI profiles? In other words can I pick the AFR mode which will be used for a game exe?

I really need a definitive answer on this before I can make the switch.

Thanks :).

06-22-06, 03:06 PM
Yeah, you can create your own profiles and modify the existing ones.

This post probably gives more info than you want but I was posting some info for someone else asking about that not too long ago.


06-22-06, 03:59 PM
Thanks OWA :)

06-22-06, 04:22 PM
No problem.