View Full Version : Getting A8N-SLI Premium very soon, need help on drivers

06-22-06, 11:57 PM
I am getting the mobo i mentioned, so i am downloading all the drivers/etc updated stuff i need since i will be having to remove my old stuff out since i am using same case.

Just wondering what drivers i should get.

nForce4 AMD Edition - Windows XP/2000 (32-Bit) Version: 6.70
For my 7900GTX i will be using the lateast official drivers from nvidia 84.25 i think
For my Audio ill use whats ont he distk and check it out later.

BIOS..this bit i am not sure..is there a special bios i need that has some kinda hotfix? ill check whats on the board first, probably the latest i guess..but is there some bios i should avoid / must need?

SATA Silicon Image 3114 SATA RAID driver V1.1.9.9 for Windows XP(WHQL)/2K/2003...do i need this? I am getting Seagate SATAII 320G 7200 16M.

Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet V7.21.1.3 for Windows 2000/XP/2003, getting this for sure, also i wont be using the nvidia one/disable the firewall or w/e crap.

I wont be using Raid/etc..just 1 main sata II hdd which i will split 100/200 and another ide hdd with 200g for just backup and ****s.

Also wtf is PEG? I hear alot of people say it causes problems..and seeing that 7900 series isent that comfortable with o/c should i disable this?

Reason why i am asking all this is because once i get my new hardware i wont have a pc to get online with :/..so i want to get all the drivers/bios stuff right..


06-23-06, 03:33 AM
After reading arround Active Armor + something about offload disable or something (not offloable or something) = NV Firewall working smooth + 6.70 Forceware..

Guess i can dump NI2005 ><