View Full Version : 64 bit games 7800GTX?

06-23-06, 09:27 AM
Is there a list of games some place on the net that are supported by Windows XP Pro x64 that any of you may know about?:D

06-23-06, 05:33 PM
I know that Far Cry supports it and I have heard that FEAR does too.

06-23-06, 06:52 PM
Here's (http://amd64downloads.filecloud.com/) a small list.

06-24-06, 02:06 AM
AMD64bit dualcore 4400+ 2x1MBcas
OCZ 4 x 1GB PC3500 2-3-2-5
XFX x2 7800 GTX 512 extreme editions 580MHzcore 1.730mhz memory
PSU 1000watts pcpower
Asus A8N 32-SLI-Deluxe
Audigy Xfi plat
2x Liteon DVD_RW 16x
Gateway HD 21" Wide Screen LCD Monitor

06-24-06, 10:24 AM
Thanks I own Half life 2 also.

03-12-07, 09:54 AM
So does any one think they will ever update the driver for Windows XP pro 64bit version? I think they have forgotten all about us and moved on to just the 8800 and Vista. Also do you think they will ever support VIVO for 64bit with a driver?