View Full Version : Are you looking for that one ruin or cave and you just can't find it?

06-24-06, 01:45 AM
Don't know if this was ever posted over here so........


06-24-06, 02:18 AM
Very infortmative .. thanks vengie!! :)

06-24-06, 02:43 AM
Helped me a great deal on some 3rd party mods that like to put things at the bottom of a cave. And they tell you the caves name and thats it! :thumbdwn: This map comes in handy. :p

06-25-06, 06:24 PM
holy crap thats alot of dungeons.

06-25-06, 06:47 PM
It is completely INSANE how much "stuff" there is in this game.

Every time I go for a dungeon crawl I find something new! I just got back into the game some more today and I went through 3 dungeons. One was a cave full of Ogres and the other two were some heavily heavily guarded Aleid ruins. I saw traps I've never seen before and I had some insane battles with Lich and skeletons.

Im up to about 90 hours of play time.

I have to say, I know what people mean when they say this game isnt on the same level as KOTOR or some other heavily story driven RPG, but IMO that doesnt make it worse or better. Theres just nothing like being able to explore hundreds of dungeons and miles of detailed landscapes with complete freedom.

BTW, the mods add a lot to it as well. The original game is more of a "base" that most people will be happy with, but the mods allow you to make the game exactly what you want. Just a few I've added have really made a huge difference (specifically the one that lets you hide and sneak after you've been detected).

Sorry for going OT, but I was just thinking about how enjoyable this game is for the kind of RPG that it is. This thread looked as good as any to post that in :o

06-25-06, 07:45 PM
jesus..thats alot of **** for the game...meh i am just playing normal game..do side quests later..but i still prefer the KOTR style story line and the impact your choices have on the game.