View Full Version : POS Motherboard auto o/c to 3300 CPU.

06-24-06, 03:37 AM
GG. I am using the Asus SLI Premium one. I just got everything up and running...and it had under cpu settings/power control or something set to AUTO..which i noticed after awhile because it had my CPU @ 3300 MHZ...GG! Had to set it to manual leave it at default and its now 2200..lol

06-24-06, 11:49 AM
thats pretty lame, thats a huge over clock... your just lucky it didnt destroy any hardware

06-24-06, 02:08 PM
I think it's the BIOS when i had this board it detected my CPU as 4439MHz

06-24-06, 11:07 PM
Why on earth is it set to to auto by default..it should be left to nothing..because its pretty god dam lame..

And yea its in the bios..took me sometime to figure out why its doing it..its power options and its by default set to AUTO which is pretty BS, i set it to manual and left it to default Voltage stuff and its 2200 instea dof 3300MHZ

Same story with PEG, but i disabled it from the Start and left the Peg buffer length or something on AUTO since u cant disable it has like short/long etc..i find it strange that the motherboard is set to O/C it self by default..and not just the motherboard but GPU/CPU..its not really safe :/