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06-25-06, 10:57 AM
Well i have some bad news...many already assumed it however i held out hope.

There are a few posts on this forum and on a few others that i have told others that "Nvidia is hard at work on this issue...i know this because they are working with me to reproduce the problem" etc.. Well it appears they no longer care.

To tell the story i need to back up a bit. A while back i read a post on a forum from a guy named Bryan Del Rizzo wanting people to contact him if they are having certain active armor corruption issues. I did this. I was then put in contact with a Lucy Hsu from nvidia. She talked to me via email about this issue several times. She even discussed a possible send out of a team to my house to reproduce the problem since they cannot reproduce it in house. Later on she put me in contact with a Norman Chen from nvidia.

Norman was working with me for a month or so.. He had me reproduce the problem...send him the driver version info that he needed and then later on came up with another idea. He sent me drivers to use that logged information they needed to fix this problem. He even created me an ftp account on one of nvidias ftp servers to upload the memory dump, the file that was corrupted, the netstat info he wanted, and the drivers used that he sent me. I did this.

I later on asked him about the status of this issue. I wanted to know if the info i uploaded helped at all. Here is his reply "Hi Jeremy,

I got the memory dump okay but haven't gotten a chance to pore over it yet. We have simply been tied up with a deadline for the next nForce release. Things will be a lot less busy after next Monday, so I will be able to check out the memory dump next week.

Just a bit longer.. =)


Sounds great right? that email was from May 5th 2006. I have since emailed him about once a week asking about the status. I have yet to get a reply since May 5th. The last one i sent i just wanted to know if nvidia was done caring about this issue and should i give up hope. Pretty much i bent over backwards trying to get the info nvidia needed and i at least expected to get enough respect from the guy to admit they are no longer working on this issue. That email i sent him last week. I havent heard from him. I assume they no longer care since he doesnt even seem to care enough to reply saying "sorry we are no longer working on this issue".

To all the nforce 4 ultra and sli owners...its a safe bet they no longer care.

I plan on posting this on a few other forums so people can read this. I do have all the emails saved from all the times i have spoken with them so if anyone wishes to have them they may. I want this story to get out so people will at least know how nvidia feels about this and how they can just turn their backs on a customer in need.

06-25-06, 10:58 AM
More info about the active armor problem or "NAM problem": http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=2137

06-25-06, 02:59 PM
what is the active armor issue?? - I knew enough to not try and use it when I got the NF4 board but I have no idea what the actual problem is/was??