View Full Version : Computer Wont Turn On Please Help.

06-25-06, 08:52 PM
After i added a new power supply to my computer it turned on and ran fine and then i had to shut it down and then later i turned it back on and it froze at the booting screen and then i cleared my CMOS to try and fix it and then i tried turning it back on and nothing happened i tried my other psu and nothing..... ive tried removing ram,video card and hard drive nothing still... i dont think i fried my motherboard. its been like this for a week and i really wanna get my computer working again. Thanks alot for any reply.

My Computer:
AMD Athlon 3700+,Nvidia GeForce 6800Agp,Ultra X-Finity 500watt(new PSU),1gb Pqi ram and Aspire X-Cruiser case