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06-28-06, 07:38 PM
That's right, folks. Are you considering building a dedicated DOS box (oh, wait, ANY SYSTEM) for playing old games? Do you know what www.abandonware.com is all about? Then you probably wish you had one of these:


Let me explain: Almost every old game in history supported it with minimal, if any, difficulty. The wavetable synthesis was incredible for its time, and the 2MB expansion memory (the 30-pin SIMMS you see there) and 32-voice polyphony made it sound incredible.

If you're like me, and certain sounds trigger certain amazing memories, then you want this sound card. Doom][ and other vintage games will bring back a *flood* of nostalgia. Moreover, because the wavetables are so similar to those of the SNES, any MIDI from an SNES game you play (example: FF2e, FF3e) on it will blow your mind as well.

Anyway, I am the original owner of this full-size, jumper-configured (not PnP; the early PnP cards were terrible), fully-driver-supported ISA card. It's lived systemless since I lost my last ISA-compatible system. I used it all the way to the socket 452 (is that right?) AMD Athlon XP system; at the socket 754 it was over :(

If you look along the back, those pin rows are separate connectors for proprietary CD-ROM drives. At the time, the IDE standard did not support removable media such as CD-ROMs (it did support removable cartridge hard disks like EZ-135), so it has support for Mitsumi-, Sony-, and Creative-specific CD-ROM drives and an "Other" connector which is a primitive pre-ATA connector.

It's meaningful to me that this card have a gracious home where it will be used. Such a wonderful engineering feat of its time deserves one. Make an offer. For a limited time: you get the original dust that accumulated on it over its service life.

~ dan ~

06-30-06, 01:50 PM
You must put a price and your heatware/ebay. You have 12 hours or this is deleted.

07-01-06, 12:02 PM
wow; you're awfully nice.

i already posted my ebay ratings. lexicus. 123 positive feedback, one false negative, and 15 more positives on the way.

and what part of "make offer" is unclear? I'm pretty happy to sell it for anything, plus postage.

07-01-06, 12:45 PM
*Does his best Boingo impression*

"Oh and Keith, darnit change your name, please, that's not scary and I'm embarrassed to say it. Boris, try that. Keith, ya know, OOOO Watch out for Keith!" :P

07-01-06, 01:16 PM
Read the rules of the forum, you must post an asking price. Adhere to the forum rules or don't use them. That's all.

07-01-06, 02:15 PM
$35 plus shipping.

Or, make offer.

07-01-06, 02:50 PM
Thank you, was that so hard?

Good luck with your sale.