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06-28-06, 10:20 PM
Building a computer. I am building a computer for friend of mine and was wondering about the internet and it. For the internet, can I just plug his intenet cable into the LAN port on the motherboard? And where it says Max LAn supported (10/100) are those the only speeds they accept or do they accept any speed within those limits? If the LAN will work for the internet, such as cable or dsl, will it also work for dial up?

06-28-06, 11:12 PM
if he is already using the ethernet cable for his internet (not using usb or something) then yes u can plug it straight into the mobo. if it says max 10/100 then thats the maximum speed it can go. yes u can plug in higher speeds but it will still be capped at 10/100.

no u cant plug dialup into the lan because thats a phone plug not a ethernet plug.