View Full Version : AM2 Motherboard

06-30-06, 12:01 AM
My friend is building a new computer and he needs to find a good motherboard for the AM2 platform. He doesn't plan on overclocking and wants something around $100-150 if possible. We found a cheaper one that has gotten good reviews but I was wondering if anyone could tell me of some good AM2 motherboards. Here is the one we found.


06-30-06, 12:30 AM
OMG...Do NOT EVER...EVER..EVER buy an ECS mobo...Seriously...

I suggest this board if your price concious...You can prolly find it cheaper on New Egg or something...

06-30-06, 01:23 PM
ok man Ill check it out. While I am at it could someone possibly answer another question. What is some decently priced ddr2 ram.