View Full Version : AX360 5.1 Headphones

07-01-06, 03:54 AM
Anyone have an experience with these headphones?

AX360 5.1 Headphones (http://www.trittontechnologies.com/products/TRIGA600.htm)

Since I get off work late at night I was looking at some decent 5.1 headphones to use mainly for my 360 and PC so I don't have to worry about waking the neighbors in my apartment building.

07-01-06, 10:40 AM
The only other headphones I've seen for 360 that have surround sound are by Turtle Beach and those haven't gotten such good reviews.

The AX360 seems to be the best choice at the moment, here's a review btw:

07-04-06, 05:54 PM
Well I picked up a set at Fry's a couple days ago and must say that I am enjoying them quite a bit. I was skeptical of the vibration function but was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked to reproduce bass, in both gameplay and music. I have the box that everything plugs into underneath my desk and simply remove the optical plug from my SB front panel and plug it into that when I am using the headphones. These are also pretty comfortable and the microphone for X-box live seems to work well emough so far.

Definitely a great product as far as I am concerned. :thumbsup: