View Full Version : Can't Extend Desktop - EVGA 7950 GX2

07-04-06, 01:18 PM
for some reason i can't enable 2 monitors and have my desktop across it. The 2 monitors show up when i'm in the display properties, when i click on #2, and check extend my desktop and apply it, screen goes blank for a sec, and then shows up only on one again. when i look at the properties, the extend my monitor is again unchecked.

When booting up Win XP, the post & splash screen appears on both, when going to the desktop, the second one doesn't turn on. I have enable both monitors in Nview. I can switch between the monitors if i change the primary between #1 & #2.

If i uninstall the drivers, both monitors will turn on, but only in Mirror mode but that is without the nvidia driver.

Tried drivers 91.31 and 91.33 forceware, and evga driver

Have already reloaded windows xp, so the desktop is a fresh copy at the moment.

another weird thing of note: in the Nvidia Control Panel, when you go to the Display COnfiguration, there is only 1 option for One Display (single). but when you look under Select te display you would like to use:
Dell 2005FPW (1 of 2)
Dell 2005FPW (2 of 2)

Intel 930 CPU
MSI 945P/G/PL Neo 2 mobo (neo2-f)

07-04-06, 03:01 PM
Have you selected Multi-Display mode instead of Multi-Gpu mode in the control panel?