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07-05-06, 04:49 AM
I got my PNY 7800GS 256MB card today[I had a *cough*5200*cough* before]...I plugged it in,it got detected,and I installed the latest 91.31 drivers...

I startedup HL2Ep1,NFMW and ran them at fulldetail..it was smooth as hell and everything was going on fine...

..until I've startedup the Prey Demo...the demo startsup fine but when I click "New Game" and the "Loading.." screen poppedup,a loud single long beep came from my cabinet....it di not affect the game in any manner,the first level loaded and everything was running fine...I played the demo for a while to see if i get that beep again..but nope,it was fine..

And then I firedup 3DMark 06 to see how my card performs,the first 2 tests ran fnie..but right when the 3rd test started "laoding"[in the loading screen] i got the same beep again ![and it ddint affect the test] I quit the benchmark,and didnt run any 3D apps for a while...after sometime,I ran 3DMark again and this time I got TWO loud beeps right in the loading screen of the first test itself...[and it ddint the affect the test this time either]..

For now,I have decided to stop runnnig anything 3D until this issue is resolved..

So,could someone please explain why I'm getting these weird beeps ?

1)I get the beeps ONLY at Loading screens
2) I dont gett he beeps in NFSMW/HL2Ep1[in other words,I get them only with specific applications]
3)The beeps do not affect the PC atall[no crashes/no bluscreens]

Here is my config :

P4 2.4c
Intel 865 Motherboard
PNY GeForce 7800 GS 256 MB GDDR3 [running at default 375/1200]
240 GB HDD
17" Samsung Monitor
350W PowerSupply

The PNY site recommends a minimum of 350W PSU...I was hesistant to take the risk of using the card on my 350W..but then I couldnt resist :P[I even unplugged both my Optical drives and plugged in my CDRW's molex cable into the card]

So,could someone please help me ? Is this a problem with my PSU ? Or "beeps during loading screens" has got something to do with the card ?

BTW,the card's temp is around 50 C when idle

Sri Ram

07-05-06, 06:57 AM
I think your right to check power first - have you got a dedicated power line from your PSU going into the card?? - ie: a molex connector plugged in with no other devices running from it.

Can you borrow another more powerful PSU to test with?

The good news is im pretty sure the new card is fine and your system too.

07-05-06, 07:13 AM
Beeping is usually a sign of a power issue, 350w is pretty low for a 7 Series card. What brand PSU is it?

07-05-06, 07:21 AM
welcome to the forum sriram...
a 350W PSU was the minimum for 6800GT 2 years ago, i would say you probably need at least a 400-450W ( especially if you overclock that P4... ). Download an app to monitor you volt lines ( speedfan ? ).
BTW... you must have noticed a major increase in frames going from a 5200 to a 7800. That P4 is going to be a bit of a bottleneck though. When i replaced my p4 2.53G with a A64 3200 my 6800GT almost doubled the frames in every game....
Good luck

07-05-06, 07:48 AM
the box for my evga 7800GS says 350W but everyone says 400W or more is a very good idea (currently running on one rather amazing little 250W PSU with a 480W on the way)

i'd say it's probably the same with your PNY card...

07-05-06, 08:54 AM
Thanks for the info guys,the beeps are killing me..ever since I started GTA:SA on this new card,I'm getting the beeps randomly[even when I'm not gaming]..its good to hear that its with my PSU

I'm gonna go and get myself a 400W/450W PSU now ![beeping in the background,lol]

Sperfly:good to hear that my card is safe :)
|Magnus:My current 350W PSU came along with my iox Cabinet..never checked the brand on it :P.ill get a 400W PSU,thx :)
Delbert:yeah,it feels like being on a 2500cc Yamaha after ditching an old and rusty bicycle LOL As for the P4,thx for the info,now I know what to get when in crysis ;)
Sgtpnkks:Thx,will get back when I get the new PSU

EDIT: I bought an intex 400W PSU (http://www.intextechnologies.com/dproduct_left.asp?cat=Peripherals&sub=SMPS&pro=400%20Watts)..I just cheked for the +12 and -12 figures and took it..I hope it works...will get back once I install it

07-05-06, 03:11 PM
Ok,it was the PSU,thx guys everything is fine with my new 400W...no more beep****(nana2)
BTW,to my horror,when I tookout the old PSU,it read "300W":scarey: It didnt even meet the minimum reqs !!

Anyways,everythnig is fine now..I ran lots of games and 3DMark06..here is my score :

3DMark Score 2411 3DMarks
SM2.0 Score 1153
HDR/SM3.0 Score 1121
CPU Score 519

I dunno whther its good or bad...but I'm happy that I'm able to play my fav games at fullspeed [@1024x768,max detail]

Thanks for the help guys !

07-07-06, 10:48 AM
Ok,everything is gonig on fine..but I notice that the temperature is rising REAL FAST inside my cabinet...just check this :

These are the temperatures when I turn on my PC :

After playing the Prey Demo for 25 mins[on 1024x768,max details],they shootup to :

After exiting Prey the temperatures remain like this for a long time....I'm worried about my HDD's temp ,they never go up like that !

I have 2 additional fans in my cabinet....which provided enough cooling when I had my old card[and my old PSU]

Could anyone please tel me what might be causing this "hell" ?:(


Edit: As I'm typing this[15 mins after I turned on the PC],the tempratures shotup[I ddint game atall].Check THIS (http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/9469/current1ab.jpg) [compare with first pic]

07-07-06, 07:21 PM
when you turn on the PC your temps will always be cooler than after it runs for a bit