View Full Version : To enable some options in the NV Control panel (OLD)

07-05-06, 07:18 AM
Without coolbits i remember there was a program i cant remember the name but pretty much you check the stuff you want in it and it will show up on the nvidia CP..anyone remember what its called? Old CP btw.

07-05-06, 07:27 AM

07-05-06, 07:28 AM
Hi K007.

Is it NVTweak you're referring to? I made it in Visual Basic 6. It's basically just a graphical interface for older versions of coolbits3d.

07-05-06, 07:35 AM
yes thats it NVTweak ;) rewt can' read what im typing.. so he can't see me call him a really self obsessed git.

07-05-06, 07:54 AM
http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/nvtweak/ :)

07-05-06, 08:02 AM
aa thanks >< thats the one :D. I dont like coolbits much because it enables everything -.-, and i just want one or 2 things on :P, cause i think one of the things coolbits enable is the nvidia control over the monitor..direct monitor access or something..and that really screws my monitor up everytime i try to go into CP..was getting really annoying lol...one of things it does is resize my monitor screen to 0..like tiny box size..and everytime i have to resize it via the cp outside on the monitor :/

07-05-06, 08:18 AM
I have not heard of this monitor issue until now. Perhaps it was just a driver bug?

07-05-06, 09:32 AM
That Direct Monitor access thing itself is a bug, which is why it didnt come by default enabled for selections and coolbits unlocks it since it unlocks everything. And the DMA thing is the one that causes problems, i really dont see why they have a GUI from the driver to take full control of the monitor..

I think one of the nvidia drivers that came out back awhile ago had this feature, and it was the first time thing and alot of peopel complained about it as it was screwing with the monitor, in my case it does some funky stuff and resets all my settings and its really annoying.