View Full Version : fan control on 6800 gt with 91.33

07-05-06, 11:36 PM
hi folks,

i have the following problem. i use the forceware 91.33 and
use rivatuner 2.0 rc16 to control the speed of the fans in 2d and 3d modus.

when i start titan quest, the fan switches into 3d mode, all good.

but after some time like 5-10 minutes of playtime, the fan suddenly switches back into 2d mode.

of course, as a result of this, my graphic card overheates.

this is a major big problem for me, because i must have a silent and low speed 2d modus in windows.

i have both 3d modus set to 100%, but what does it help, when it switches back to 2d modus in the game.

does anyone know, whats the problem here ?

maybe this is fixed on the new 7900 gtx cards ?

im planning on maybe upgrading my pc, so this question is vitally to me as if i am going to buy an nvidia card again, maybe ati does it better ?


07-07-06, 01:16 AM
The ForceWare switches fan to 2D speed _only_ after 5 minutes after switching clocks from 3D to 2D mode. Check your clock settings, the card seem to throttle.