View Full Version : nvidia 6600LE problems please help!!!!!!

07-07-06, 01:21 AM
I recently built my first computer, so i bought some decent specs to go with it, but every time i insert the new graphics card and install the software it gets about half way through, then the screen flickers once and then it just turns black, i pressed reset after a couple of minutes and had to boot the system in safe mode to recover it!!

any sugestions would be helpful


ps i have tried the new software from nvidia with no outcome

i am running an asrock motherboard 1gb ram and amd athlon 64 3200

adpr 02
07-07-06, 03:37 AM
Probably your videocard is forcing a rezolution higher than your monitor can support. What is the max. rez on your monitor?

- Have you tried installing the drivers in safe mode?
- Are you sure they are the right drivers for your videocard?
- After they messed up the first time have you cleaned them up (Uninstall, and use the program called DriverCleaner)?
- Lower your rezolution and refresh rate before installing the driver.

Hope it helps.

Btw, a 6600LE is a pretty bad videocard. How much did you pay for it?

Edit: Btw, is it PCI-e or AGP

07-07-06, 12:56 PM
hi, thanks for your reply, the max resolution is 1024.768 and 75hertz, i will try safe mode tonight. all the drivers are correct, its a agp card, i think it was around 70 pounds. iv gt a gd idea to take it back, what card would you suggest?
thanks for your response

adpr 02
07-07-06, 10:45 PM
yea, I'd take it back, and spend a bit more money on something you can actually use. The 6800xt is about the speed of a 6600gt. So are the ATI 9700pro and 9800pro and they're both verry cheap now. Look on ebay. You can get a 9700pro for 30$ and it's WAY better than what you have now. Also check the lower end x800 cards. Something Ideal would be the 7600gt which can be found for around 170$ canadian when on sale.

07-08-06, 11:48 AM
rite thanks for the advice, yeh im gonna do that.

07-19-06, 06:31 PM
I spent between 100 - 120 for a PNY 6600le, are u sayin its crap, like iv wasted my money? Cause i dono if i can change it. Iv had it for a month or two now.