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07-07-06, 02:58 AM
I got another email from the Leadtek person responsible for AUS/NZ area in reguards to my problem. I Returned my first problem card back to the store which they said is obviously "stuffed up" and they will get me a new card which i just got news that arrived 2 days ago is working and i can pick up the PC.

Since i got work and stuff i have to wait till the weekend to get my PC back (jesus it wasen't fun waiting :thumbdwn: )

So i got a mail which i think was thx to someone from nvidia who contacted me in the forum and passed the message down to someone who can help me (Thanks mate :thumbsup: )

According to her, they are getting new cards from NV with the problem fixed and should arrive in Australia within 2 weeks. Now i am on my second card so i hope to dear god i wont have any problems but if i do i guess i have to through her to make sure i get a new working card.

We will soon have a new version from NV with the problem fixed, which should arrive Australia within 2 weeks.
It'd be easier that you can provide the serial number after you have the info on your problematic card.
We could thus arrange the replacement for you through our distributor

This is really good news for me because its good that Leadtek is actually know the problem and willing to help me get it fixed :D. So i am happy that i got the GTX and stuck to it, now all i have to do is wait and hope second card wont screw so fast atleast i hope it would last awhile so it will give me time to get the new card.

Hope this helps anyone else...from whats going arround it seems it actually maybe a nvidia mistake on the card because eVGA said the samething too and XFX are saying samething as well about getting new cards from NV...

Oh well..i really wish i didnt have any problems..this past week after having 2 good days of gaiming and then moving to my 6800GT AGP rig..was really..really sad lol.

07-07-06, 08:35 AM
Glad to hear its all working out for you.:)

Did they let slip what the actual problem was on these bad cards? I've heard lots of speculation but nothing concrete. From what I read on that EVGA announcement it seems like some of the cards had bad memory chips.

Were the first cards released in early March fine and then sometime in May they switched memory suppliers and thats when the problems started?

It just seems like if there was an architectual problem ALL cards would be having these problems not some here and there.

Happy Gaming.

07-07-06, 08:44 AM
Someone over at aandtech got the new 7900GT eVGA card which has the memory replaced.

http://members.cox.net/mucker/7800/Samsung1.jpg http://members.cox.net/mucker/7800/Infineon1.jpg


I didnt ask Leadtek what it was, i dont think they really want to give out info..i dont really care as long as it works..but if it dosen't then yea..it does matter. I am picking up my second card which i am pretty sure will be a screw up card since its a brand new card off a box, so when this card screws up i send it to Leadtek instead of the shop and they will replace it with a new working card..

The only problem is..i dont really feel comfortable sending a $900AU card over mail. Not sure about the GTX..someone will have to cut it open and have a look.

I am still waiting for my Guild Wars game which i pre - ordered from importmadness.co.uk..<-- horrible customer support they just completely ignored me.

07-07-06, 10:12 PM
Got me a new GTX seems ok. Played arround TRL by changing the settings etc and other stuff. All seem back to normal..apart from the reformat i have to do..sigh..they installed SP2 (which i dont like) along with other stuff and drivers which really was annoying even after getting rid of it i still have a file called services.exe which dosen't seem to go away and i think it came with SP2 and didn't go away, so going to reformat/reinstall everything again...really hate installing the games over again.

BBL. Hope this card lasts atleast 2 days (nana2)

07-08-06, 01:08 PM
Getting rid of Samsung is always a quality improvement ;) Additional PCB changes will lead to better reliability. This problem should be fixed by now.