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07-08-06, 10:02 AM
When i got my first GTX and i ran CS:S/BF2 i never had a problem with the card like i can complete VST and get 168FPS~..but on my first card after installing tomb raider/playing on next gen then disabling it..boom problem comes and i cannot complete even VST...

With my second GTX i got i didnt run TRL but installed FEAR, with the second GTX i did full re-install of the OS so its a full clean install. First i had CS:S worked fine..VST completed no problem. Played BF2..no problem. Installed FEAR..ran it..first i had 1280x960/2xaa/HQ/No soft shadows, ran the test..90% above i think 40fps(last thing). Ran game..horrible fps like 15-20 fps..i thought it was AA but it was really bad and disabled AA and boom full speed smooth fps..i quit game..flashing desktop etc and restart. Ran VST..failed. Ran TRL..textures all over...ran Quake 4..its screwed up..ran VST again..screwed up..pretty much same as last time..only a little better..i was able to exit to desktop sometimes but its still a problem..

I am wondering..if i never ran those high demanding games like FEAR and TRL (Next GEN) and just stuck to CS:S and BF2..the card would run fine...

The question i have is..to those 7900 users..or atleast the GTX users..have you tried running FEAR on max settings and TRL on max settings..leave it for awhile in there..then try i dunno say VST in CS:S?..

For now my GPU is 650/600 and is working perfectly...if these cards came out of the box as 650/600 they would work rock solid.. And maybe the reason why eVGA hasn't said anything about those super overclocked cards yet is probably because the memory cant handle on the 7900...

If downclocking my memory from 800 to 600 give me 100% stable then..i really dont think my PSU is the problem here..my core is still 650 and i can play FEAR/Q4 without any problems now, its very smooth..so yea..it maybe that the problem in the 7900 is the memory...they are very high clocked..

For those with issues try downclocking the memory it pretty much is a band aid but for now its the only solution i got.It will take 2 weeks for Australia to get the new GTX cards that are suppose to fix the problem..i dont plan at all to overclock antyhing so if there is a memory swap in the GTX like its on the GT (evga has different memory on GT now) then i hope it fixes the problem ><

Any eVGA GTX users take alook at there memory on the new cards?..i guess you can call em rev02?

Someone over at guru3d flashed his gtx to 650 on the memory and has had no problems..but it seems to be a very weak bandaid to me...and i dont want to flash it unless leadtek does change the specs and actually put it up somewhere on there end..otherwise ill have to stick to driver level in xp..obviously the time it boots up to windows os its gonna be 800 and this cauld gragually move the card to complete death over a period of time.

07-08-06, 10:07 AM
dude....you are like making 90% of the posts here atm....

07-08-06, 10:27 AM
dude....you are like making 90% of the posts here atm....

Sorry :( I just want to find whats wrong and get it fixed and at the same time find what others are going through and there solutions etc...

I Cant say much about the GT because i dont have one but the speed difference between the gt and the gts on the memory is almost 300mhz..pretty much when i drop from 1600 to 1300 (650) on the memory..and just like that..card works.

I wonder what the problem is though..it cauld be that the memory is probably not getting enuf juice for 800 or either the memory cant handle 800. I think i saw some post over at evga (its down now) that the gt they got the new one, someone said the new one is i think 1.2n/2.0v

Anyway gonna go back to FEAR..the game looks so amazing with max settings ><...i wish i never played it before on my 6800gt before..its really very nice game :P. Cant wait for the expantion. Quake 4 runs very smooth..60 fps everywhere..lol

07-09-06, 04:16 AM
Ditch that crap and get a GX2 or a x1900.