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08-14-02, 08:36 PM
Hi, just joined today. I'd like to explain what I've been through with Geforce Cards and the Via chipset in the hopes that someone has a suggestion that I haven't tried yet.


Mobo: Asus A7v133
Video: Daytona Geforce 4 ti 4200
Power: Antec 400w

I believe I first started having problems with flashing textures/triangles when I upgraded to Dx8 when it was new. Back then I had a Geforce 2 MX and a 250W Antec power supply.

No matter what I tried, there was only one fix -- Detonator 5.11. This kept me from being able to play certain games, but at least I could play my favorite game (everquest) without garbage triangles flashing all over the screen.

Well, last week I got a Geforce 4 ti 4200. And once again came the flashing textures and triangles.

I have tried:

Various Detonator Drivers (can't use 5.11 anymore) -
All Bios settings (aperture size, delay/cache stuff, AGP driving values, AGP 1x 2x 4x, Disabling AGP, fast writes, etc -- everything)
Tweaks with GTU, NvMax, WPCredit, etc. etc. etc.
Disabling sidebanding
Enabling VIA sidebanding
3.3+ voltage increasing/decreasing

... and basically everything I've seen, anywhere I could find info.

I can put the geforce cards into my pii/500 - Asus p2b board without the problem
I can put my old TNT2 AGP card in my a7v133 without problems
And again, the Geforce 2 MX works in my A7v133 only if I use Detonator 5x drivers

I have a hard time believing it's my motherboard, since it can run several AGP cards without the problem.

I've upgraded my power supply to an Antec 400w which didn't solve the problems

Opengl always runs perfectly

Gah! What am I missing?

The Baron
08-14-02, 09:13 PM
have you actually reformatted?

08-14-02, 09:51 PM
Yes, I have reformatted multiple times, as well as trying both Windows 2000 and ME. =/

The Baron
08-14-02, 09:56 PM
Have you replaced the mobo...? Like called Asus, said "yo, it's broken", and gotten a replacement?

08-14-02, 10:27 PM
I had an Asus A7V133 (replaced it for a biostar kt333 last week) and it worked like a charm with a geforce 2mx400, a geforce2 gts and geforce3 ti200 the only time I had problems with flashing polygons/textures was when overclocking with the geforce 2gts so I guess maybe you mobo is the problem

08-15-02, 02:57 PM
What's the rest of your system specs? Are you overclocking anything? A little more infor on your complete setup might help a little.

08-15-02, 04:27 PM
System Specs

Motherboard: Asus a7v133
Memory: 384 PC-133
CPU: Athlon 800
Video: Palit Daytona Geforce4 ti 4200
Power: Antec 400w

No overclocking

I'll leave out other PCI cards as I've tried running without them several times.

Could be mobo, but it's strange, I loaded the detonator drivers that came with the video card (28.32) and got bad texture/triangle flashing in 3dmark 2001. I then loaded the detonator 30.82, and many of the tests run with little to no flicker.

For instance, the low detail car chase benchmark runs with no flashing textures, but the high detail car chase flickers badly. The dragon benchmark runs relatively free of flashing in both low and high tests, while the pixel shader tests - ESPECIALLY the advanced one - have terrible flickering triangles.

Warcraft 3 has bad flashing textures/triangles in D3D, but runs flawlessly in Opengl.

So, mobo problem it may be, but it's strange that performance would be better with the newest detonator drivers, and always flawless in Opengl. =/

The Baron
08-15-02, 05:02 PM
Have you tried installing the Via drivers under normal mode...? just a thought.

08-15-02, 08:12 PM
You might have said this in a previous post but did you try new bioses for both the card and the mobo? The card might not have a new bios but sometimes companies do release them.

I know asus released a new bios a while ago for my mobo that added special geforce 4 support. They didn't list what that is exactly but it was listed in the readme. Have you tried checking for emi? Try changing the spread spectrum control to on in the mobo bios. Just a hunch but you never know. It wouldn't explain why you only get flashing in direct3d, however. Strange problem.

lord kelvinn
08-15-02, 08:21 PM
Look my friend.
I have the same problems with some directx games: this is the list:

Dungeon Siege
Nascar 2002
Fifa 2002

Other directx games run without a problem:
Starwars starfigther
all the 3d mark, all resollutions, all settings max
war craft
max payne

All the opengl games run too damn good!!:D

I have tried a lot of things, except updating my bios,. maybe this weekend , or if i cant play the unreal 2003 demo.

so i think the problem is not the video card, neither the mobo, but a bug in the game . Im not sure, anyway, and if somebody fix this weird problem , i hope that drop us a line!!!

This is not a problem for me since im not playing now a directx game, but neverwinter nights.

08-16-02, 06:29 AM
I had this same problem on my old machine (ASUS P3V4X - VIA chipset). I also tried everything I could think of without being able to solve the problem. I thought it was the graphics card at first, but now it's in my new machine (ASUS A7V333 - VIA chipset) the problem has gone away.

I use the same OS as before (Win2K), the same DX8.1, same Detonators (30.30), same 4in1 VIA drivers (4.40) etc etc as my old machine, just don't get the same problem.

From this, I guess I'm saying it could be the motherboard, or the VIA chipset on it (my new mobo is a different VIA chipset).

I guess it could also be because my new machine was build from separates and I have installed all software onto a clean machine.

Hope you get this sorted, because it is VERY annoying. I'm lucky in that it doesn't do it any more now I have a new machine.

lord kelvinn
08-18-02, 06:43 PM
All the problems are gone!!!:D
just installed the 30.82 drivers the wednesday, but today i ran fifa 2002 and for my surprise the game runs just good, then i tryed with nascar in directx mode and it worwed like magic!! Same with dungeon siege.
I knew that it was a software problem, and now is fixed with the drivers!!!
Thanks to nvidia for doing their job!!

12-05-03, 11:12 AM
Realy old string here but I have the same flashing issue with my GFFX 5900se with the Forceware 53 set. I'm going to try the 52's but since I'm sending the card back soon it doesnt matter to much, havent been able to get Newegg on the phone so I'm playing till I get my RMA number. This problem was much worse with my Radeon 8500 plus other graphics errors.

12-05-03, 05:07 PM
Why inflict VIA and their garbage chipsets upon yourselves? Sell your current motherboard and grab an nForce2 board. Even if you only get a budget single channel model you will notice the difference instantly.

Just recently changed my parents computer from KT133A, SB16 PCI, GF2MX400, 512MB SDRam, Duron 1.4Gig to my old Soltek K75MRN-L with integrated graphics and 1 512mb PC2700 DIMM, no PCI cards installed (everything else remained the same).

The speedup and increase in responsiveness/smoothness was obscene, especially when you consider the board isn't even operating in dual-channel mode and is utilizing the builtin graphics. Durons absolutely love the nForce2 chipset (the DASP works quite well for them due to the smaller L2 cache).

12-06-03, 10:16 AM
I'm 99% sure it's another hardware/software problem totaly independant of the video card. This is better news for my R 8500 also since there's probably not a thing wrong with it but I definatly am seeing a performance difference and the upgrade was overdue. Hehe, even the errors look better rendered. The next piece of hardware I get will definatly be an nForce 2 mobo and probably Abit. Will be a while before I buy another Asus (Asoose) product though so I'm going with Abit. Asus is more consistant with quality but there customer support does in fact suck as some of you may have read on the net ie: Anand. I was on hold with Asus long distance for 26 minutes then some dood gets on and asks my phone number and says they'll call me and I waited all day and never a call - f*** them. VIA chipsets are getting better (performance wise at least) I hear but nowhere near as good as nForce - lots of problems VIA. I use an Asus A7M266 right now, bought it when it came out... my computer was high tech and state of the art back then but it's gray haired and shaggy now. I would have posted my system setup in signature but been sort of ashamed - lol!

12-09-03, 02:29 PM
Fixed by setting mobo bios to defualt so not sure what was wrong.

02-02-05, 01:36 PM
I think i got the same problem with flashing textures. I got a GeForce 4 MX4000 and made some screenshots of what this looks like.



The blurry looking parts keep flashing. If anyone has got an idea of what i can do please tell me!