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07-09-06, 08:21 PM
My computer keeps restarting by itself usually when im playing any game. Im not overclocking and i dont have any memory options like caching or shadowing enabled. My AGP aperture is set to 128mb and my other options are 32mb,64mb and 256mb i think this is what is causing the problem i have an nvidia Geforce 6800128mb 256bit ddr agp. What should set it to? It recommends on the nvidia website to put it on 128mb but i dont know. All the settings on my bios are on defualt except the aperture. Thanks alot for any reply.

07-09-06, 08:22 PM
What powersupple are you running? Watts?

Restarting PCs are usually do to poor power supplies.

07-09-06, 08:40 PM
Thanks for reply i actually still got restarting with my old 430watt psu but i fixed that with putting the agp aperture on 128mb. This recently started happening when i got a stupid error message saying "Dr.Watson postmortem recovery has encountered a problem and needs to close." and my computers been acting all weird and crap cuase today as soon as i turned on my computer i got a dreaded bsod. I really dont know whats going on exactly. I did upgrade to a 500watt psu with two power rails and i know its a good psu its an ultra and it seemed to make my computer faster. Thanks for reply. I also have this stupid thing called wowexec and i have no clue what it is but ever since ive seen these stupid things my computer has been all wierd. Thanks

07-10-06, 02:16 PM
try running memtest86 for 8 hrs or more and see if your memory is stable. its a free program that you can make a bootable CD with so it doesnt have to be run in windows.

if you still have issues, id get a spyware/adware removal tool cause that wowexec sounds suspicious. you can also disable things by changing your bootup programs by running "msconfig" in the run bar - then go to the startup tab and remove the crap that you dont need.

worse comes to worse id try reinstalling drivers.

07-11-06, 11:34 PM
The random restarts can be caused by an insufficient power supply, but you have already replaced that so I doubt that's the case.

Random restarts can also be caused by faulty RAM. You may also get blue screens depending how your Startup and Recovery options are configured. I would replace your RAM with a known good stick of memory and see if you're still getting the problems. If you don't have access to RAM, run memtest for a good amount of time as ViN86 suggested. If it finds errors, chances are you've found the problem.

Also, as ViN86 said, run msconfig and go to the startup tab to disable all of it except for virus scan and Nvidia driver bootup.