View Full Version : Best drivers for Geforce 7600 Go

07-10-06, 03:28 AM
I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 9112WLMi notebook that comes equipped with a Geforce 7600 Go 256 MB and am looking for a stable / latest driver set that works. The notebook came with some 82.XX driver set which I suppose is quite old. Do forceware 91.33 (or any desktop drivers) also work for notebooks or do I need special drivers for those. If I do, which one is the latest driver set (beta or otherwise), that works with notebook.

07-12-06, 04:16 AM
No one uses 7600 Go 256 MB :eek: :eek: :wtf:

07-12-06, 04:20 AM
Hi - you have a very new GPU there, what drivers shipped with the card/laptop?

07-12-06, 04:59 AM
www.laptopvideo2go.com - Take your pick.

07-14-06, 01:33 PM
84.23 Drivers shipped with my laptop. I was hoping to find drivers with some more performance boost like the forceware 91.33 provided for my 7900GT. I will check out the laptopvideo2go site also. Thanks.

If anyone is using a different and better set of drivers, please post here.

07-14-06, 07:14 PM
Any chance of emailing 84.23 to me ?
I don't have it in my collection and I'm a stickler to have all known drivers.
I can upload for others to have a play with as well.

Have a good look around, we specialise in Laptop NV drivers.
Even give the higher 84.xx drivers ago, these have proven not too bad.