View Full Version : Error message on every boot with 91.31

07-11-06, 03:29 AM
I get a balloon message in the lower right (by the clock) at every boot after installing the 91.31 forceware. "SLI multi-GPU rendering has been disabled" or something like that.

Yesterday I built a new PC, with new hardware and a completly fresh Windows installation - SAME THING! I don't have an SLI motherboard and the old system was even an AGP system!

This is annoying. Is this a known issue? What can be done to fix it?


07-11-06, 04:39 AM
I had the same problem with 91.31, you need to download Forceware 91.33 (http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_downloads_winxp_2k_32bit_91.33.html) beta driver that will fix the issue.

07-13-06, 03:30 AM
Thanks! That worked. Don't like using beta drivers, but in this case I will.