View Full Version : New HDD's Partitioning

07-11-06, 05:36 PM
First off, I ordered 2 of these:

Now, I plan to Raid-0 these together and use my extra 160gb hdd as extra storage. After reading bugmage's excellent raid tutorial, I've got just a few questions.

1) We all know that the first partition is the fastest b/c it is located on the outer edge of the disk, so should I partition approx. 10 gb or so just for the windows installation and then partition the rest as usable space? (game installations, program installations, extra files, etc.)

2) Strip and Cluster size, from what i've ready: the larger the files, the larger my cluster and strip should be. Well, my predicament is that I will have my operating system on these hdd's (small files) along with having lots and lots of cd images that I work with on a daily basis (large files). So, what cluster and stripe size would u guys recommend?

3) Any further suggestions? :p

Thanx for help and suggestions!

07-12-06, 12:55 PM
Still no opinions? :( My hard drives are comin tomorrow! (nana2)