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07-12-06, 12:25 AM
Found this at hardocp, very interesting.

Crashing NVIDIA WHQL Drivers
Hopefully not many of you will fall victim to this due to the new series 5 NVIDIA nForce motherboard product just now getting to market, but is something to be aware of. We have tested two nForce 570 SLI chipset motherboards here recently that do not take well to the latest v91.31 WHQL video card drivers when using the latest v9.16 WHQL chipset drivers from NVIDIA. In fact, using these v91.31 drivers with the nForce 570 resulted in crashed operating systems and corrupted hard drives. It seems that the problem may not stop there either. One source in Taiwan mentioned that the problem might extend to the Intel 955X chipset as well.

nVidia Forceware V91.31 has compatible problem with nForce 570 SLI and Intel 955X chipset. Please downgrade to nVidia Forceware V84.21 or try the latest V91.33beta.

The v91.33 Beta video card drivers are available directly from NVIDIA.

From our internal testing, it seems as if the v91.33 beta drivers do in fact fix the severe crashing issue.