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07-12-06, 05:23 PM
Title says it all. Just trying to gauge interest if anyone may be willing to buy the PC listed in my signature. What started as an HP a1130n has grown into a pretty powerful rig. I'm interested in a notebook replacement, that's why I'd be selling.

You get everything except the OS (that's mine and will stay with me). The PC came pre-installed with XP MCE 2005, and a certificate of authenticity is on the system. No recovery disks were included, and I replaced the hard drives so the "recovery partition" is gone. You could try ordering disks from HP, though I'm not sure they'll work because the OEM BIOS was overwritten by the latest one from MSI. That pretty much removed all traces of HP's hand in making this machine. For some, that's probably a good thing. ;)

The system will ship in its original box, less the UPC code which was used for a rebate. The retail boxes for the CPU, video card and sound card will be included as well. The Western Digital hard drive has 16 MB of cache, the Seagate 8. Both drives will be formatted and overwritten with junk using Active@ KillDisk prior to shipment so you get a completely clean slate to work with.

I'm looking for $1,500 shipped or best offer. Being that PayPal fees would be outrageous on that amount, I would only accept money orders or cashier's checks for this item. I'm not terribly interested in shipping this internationally, the cost would have to be borne by the buyer on top of the asking price.

Heatware and eBay feedback are both under saturnotaku, all 100% positive. Pics available upon request. Please PM if interested. Thank you.

Edit: The monitor isn't included, though for the right offer I might reconsider.

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Nice system. Bump for good person and system.