View Full Version : Quake 4 and 91.31

07-14-06, 07:31 PM
I installed the 91.31. Forceware drivers last night and Quake 4 (1.2) no longer runs. I get a gray screen at startup followed by an application error and crash to the desktop:

Faulting application quake4.exe, version, faulting module quake4.exe, version, fault address 0x0011c7dd.

I've made no other changes to my rig and Q4 seems to be the only affected application. Any thoughts?

I've tried removing and reinstalling Quake and Forceware, as well as updating my mobo NForce drivers.

Current setup:

Gigabyte Geforce 6800 Ultra with 256M RAM
2GIG system RAM
ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 MB with AMD64 FX-55



07-15-06, 09:33 AM
Dropping back to 84.43 fixed this problem; so did moving up to 91.33. Maybe there was some weirdness with 91.31 that my system didn't like...


07-15-06, 10:15 AM
Hmm...Did you try another Opengl game in the 91.31? Like Doom3 or Prey...If it gives same problem then..the Opengl drivers must be screwed up..I am sure you did Driver Cleaner etc etc...?

07-15-06, 11:36 AM
I don't have Doom 3; I'll be installing Prey this afternoon. I tried Riddick, which I'm pretty sure is OpenGL and it worked fine. I'll let you know about Prey.