View Full Version : networking help plz

07-15-06, 01:45 AM
ok I got a D-link DI-784 router with an xbox 360 connected with the wireless adapter in 802.11 a mode. the router is in another room about 10 feet from the xbox.

I would like to know if they there is a way to optimise the connection to xbox live with the router because I feel its a little laggy compared to when Im connected directly to the modem or wired to the router.

thx in advance

07-15-06, 09:05 AM
The adapter supports 802.11a? Interesting. That's really not a widely used standard anymore. You may have to open some ports in the router configuration. Since I don't own a 360 myself I really don't have any information on that, but I'm sure it can be found.