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07-16-06, 09:01 PM
This is a fairly recent problem from about a couple weeks now. I noticed while playing HL2 Ep1 that after about 10-15min I would get some super graphic corruptions and if I kept playing the system would just go into confetti mode and shut itself down. At first I thought lol video card is stuffed. But I can play CS: S on low detail for hours without a problem. Then the other day I played Ep1 for about 45min before I saw my first corruption.

Talking to a friend and he echoed what I was basically thinking. Its overheating. I've cleaned the fan of dirt, and air temperature is pretty cool. I also leave my case open. Never had this problem. I checked the temperature control and on idle its telling me its on 72degrees, 2 bars into the yellow field. I'm pretty sure the dumb thing should be in the low 60s at most.

I dont overclock. I dont have any programs that can overclock. I went into my bios and defaulted everything just to make sure. So my question is how can I find out what my card is clocked to at the moment, and what is the default rate for a 6800GT? Its the Leadtek brand.

Thanks for any help. This is really annoying me.

07-16-06, 09:48 PM
you can install a program called rivatuner or install the coolbits registry tweak to unlock the hidden settings in your drivers. default clocks for a 6800gt should be
350 core, 1000 memory

72 does seem high. mine idles on 50-55 and 70-80 on load.

07-16-06, 11:23 PM
Thanks. I downloaded coolbits and set it up. I manually set the overclocking to 350/1000. But my temperature is still high. I guess it cant be an overclock bug. Maybe I need to get a new heatsink/fan for the card? Or you think the cards gone dodgy?

07-16-06, 11:27 PM
Before spending the money on a new HSF you might just try applying some fresh thermal compound and see if that helps.

07-16-06, 11:54 PM
So remove the heatsink off the card? Scary. Guess I'll try tha a little later.

07-17-06, 01:34 AM
did u check to see if the fan is actually working? maybe a faulty fan

07-17-06, 12:34 PM
Yeah had a good look at it. Spinning away like a happy retard on a merry-go-round it is. I cleaned all the dust away, however I didnt check under the long plastic leadtek cover that is ontop of the heatsink. Would dust in there make a difference? I cant imagine it getting clogged up.

07-17-06, 12:38 PM
Dust would make a diff. Remover your card and take a can of air to that puppy! GL

07-17-06, 12:39 PM
The stock heatsinks are usually crappy......yoink it off and put an Arctic Cooler 5 rev3 on it.Once you remove the old heatsink the Arctic Cooler is super easy to install.Best $30 you'll ever spend.

07-17-06, 12:58 PM
If you are comfortable with replacing the HS (Xaxly24) is absolutely right! Just get you some better cooling! But if you can't break off of 30 bones cleaning wouldn't hurt.

07-17-06, 01:23 PM
Damn why is everyone's hardware running so hot...? my 6800GT whas not getting higher then 65 stressed. (don't have it anymore ^^)

As for my 7900GTX let's see it's 30 C outside...GPU is 52 C (126 F)

07-18-06, 09:00 AM

is that the one you lot are refering to?

07-18-06, 08:07 PM
do u have the refernce cooling version? If so, did you remove the top cover plate? You'd be surprised how much dust gets lodged in there.

07-18-06, 10:47 PM
Did you remove the fan? Because the dust build up is under the plastic cover. The fan blows sideways across the heat sink and what happens is a layer of dust builds up along the edge of the fins next to the fan, thus blocking the air flow. I have to remove and clean my 6800gt's fan about every 4 months. The heat sink it self still looks brand new because the fins are so close together that the dust doesn't blow out across it; it just gets stuck on the side of the heat sink. They should have spaced the fins farther apart.

07-19-06, 04:57 AM
I didnt remove the top plate no, cause I dont have a screwdriver that would fit those screws. I'll give that a shot first and see how it goes. Ta for all the help. Most appreciated.

07-20-06, 08:02 AM
Well I took the faceplate off and found even though everywhere else was clean, at the very entrance of the heatsink was a wall of thick dust so the air couldnt blow downwards. My PC is now 10degrees cooler and most stable. Maybe I'll get that custom cooler down the track, but for now I'm happy. Thanks for the help guys. Appreciated.

07-20-06, 09:39 AM
its amazing how just a bit of dust can cause such an increase in temperature isnt it? :)

07-20-06, 01:14 PM
Especially dust I cant see! So much for keeping the fan clean only.