View Full Version : Oblivion Crashes Shuts Down Windows

07-17-06, 09:07 PM
I just installed this game(after having it for 2 months lol), then updated it to 1.1 and the installed the official plugins that are on the Oblivions site.

The game will be running fine and then all of sudden, no warning, errors, CTD and then shuts down Windows.

I have tried turning off everything possible, virus protection, the network, spyware programs, ect. It still crashes and shutdown.

Anyone have this issue or have any ideas?


07-17-06, 11:17 PM
Check your CPU and GPU temps first, then check for IRQ and memory conflicts (Oblivion HATES resource sharing, as I've found out). You might want to make sure that your PSU isn't flipping out, and if you have an UPS, make sure it can keep up with your PSU's demands.

Oblivion used to crash on me a lot, and still will if I look at it funny. First I had to replace my UPS with something beefer, which greatly improved stability, and then I had to play the hardware and BIOS shuffle to keep my devices from sharing IRQs. After those two, Oblivion runs well most of the time, but will still crash (usually a BSOD) every couple of days (I blame my motherboard). Also make sure all your drivers and your BIOS are up-to-date.