View Full Version : My New Build

07-18-06, 03:15 PM
Here are the specs

DFI Lanparty CFX3200-DR
Opteron 165 (should arive thursday)
OCZ Gold VX can run @ DDR500 2-2-2-5
Asus x1900xt

I have active cooling on the ram by useing a metal elbow to conect it to one of my exaust fans.

Will post more pics soon.


07-18-06, 03:21 PM
CrossFire on nV News? :D

Looks good. Any reason for going Socket 939?

07-19-06, 12:20 AM
well i allready had 939 so that wasnt really an upgrade. The upgrades are as follows.

3000+ to Opteron 165
6800GT to x1900xt
SLI-DR to CFX3200-DR

It probably would have been smarter to get AM2 :( and i wish i had just for the upgrade abuility of it. I figure AM2 is not going to be all that much faster, my OCZ VX @ DDR500 2-2-2-5 will beat DDR2 667 but who knows what AMD might release for AM2