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07-18-06, 11:47 PM
So I switched out my MX300 for a Copperhead today for fun (I miss my top button, but like the motion of this mouse so far). I was playing witht he Mouse Rate settings for the Copperhead and have seen a LOT of differing opinion on whether I'm actually getting the rate I think I'm getting.

I have it set to 1000hz at the moment, and the mouserate checker program does seem to indicate that it's getting a high polling rate (between 800hz and 1000hz or slightly higher). But I haven't adjusted anything in windows yet.

Is it possible the newest Razer drivers actually adjust the Windows polling rate for me?

07-18-06, 11:56 PM
Clay reviewed the Copperhead last Fall. You can view it here: http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/razer_copperhead/index.shtml and I think he still uses it. Might contact him if you can't find your answer.

07-19-06, 12:11 AM

07-19-06, 01:07 AM
Thanks AlphaWolf_HK, I actually did find that thread but didn't want to bump it since it's 5 months old.

So is that the difinitive answer? The mouserate proggy isn't accurate? I guess I'm confused as to why Logitech, Razer, etc can advertise 500hz+ polling without actually delivering. It seems that it would make sense if the Razer software changed Windows itself. Is there any way to check my polling speed other than mouserate?

07-19-06, 02:05 AM
Not really sure just how accurate mouserate is, but if I am correctly guessing how this program works, what it does is measure the amount of time it takes for the mouse cursor to move from one pixel to another. The documentation says it isn't accurate past 100hz, however its accuracy would depend on a number of factors, such as how fast the CPU is, how many other programs are running, etc.

The reason for this is that if the CPU happens to be tied up when it tries to make its next poll, then the delay will be longer before that poll is complete, thus the shown rate will be lower than what it actually is.

How old the program is makes no difference at all (I am not even sure why that was brought up in the other thread,) except in one important area: CPU's back then were much slower than they are now. So with all things considered, on a computer thats a bit more modern, you should see better accuracy now than what the author saw at the time of writing that program.

Hell, at this point it could be so accurate that the limit of the polling rate, if truely uncapped, will be determined by the processing speed of the optical scanner in your mouse, and just how "grainy" your mousepad is (the grainier, the more frequently the position change detections occur, the less grainy, the fewer they occur since it could see the same "image" twice even though the mouse actually moved) as I don't think this is really CPU limited anymore - at least not with optical mice anyways.

07-19-06, 10:33 AM
Interesting ... You unlocked you polling, right? And you say it was noticeable?

*Edit* I went ahead and patched XP to poll USB at 1000hz, and it appears to be about the same. Additionally, mouserate is giving me about the same score between 800hz and 1100hz during fast movement. So it could be possible that the Razer drivers do the adjustment already now? Either way, neat mouse... definitely possible the high-end Logitechs are better, but they're all Right-Handed only. It's nice that Razer made a high performance mouse that fits in either hand.