View Full Version : Queued Count + SLi = Problems?

07-19-06, 02:27 PM
Hey everyone,

I've been trying to play oblivion recently and just tested something. I always played with my single 7900GT before and really had no problems, just the occasional slower motion part. However, when I had sli, it was much faster BUT it was sorta choppy. My own little test just discovered that when walking around outside the following occurs:

SLI Enabled:
When there is a queue count, it will be a lower number and the system will lag/hold for a split second sort of like stuttering.

With single card:
When there is a queue count, it will be a much higher number, but there won't be any lag/stuttering.

This leads to a smoother and better gaming experience with only a single card! is this caused by the Sli overhead or is there some configuration I'm missing? Thanks!