View Full Version : curious, any AGP HDCP compliant cards out/coming out?

07-19-06, 04:05 PM
Hey, I'm curious if anyone knows if there's an AGP HDCP compliant card out, or coming out?

Reason is, in the near future, I'll probably "waterfall" my current main computer (p4 3.2HT northy) to be my next HTPC... only if it could support the next version of Vista based MCE (anyone know when thats coming?) and would really like HDCP support in case I want to play any HD content (yea, I'll be buying a new HD HDMI HDCP TV then too)

I figure with a good hw encoding/capture/cable card, and a good vid card, a single p4 3.2HT northy should have neough power to record, playback, and share HD video content simultaniously... right? Thats all it would be doing... living almost forgotten behind a TV and interfaced via TV and remote control. (what my current HTPC does)

Plan is, my current HTPC (Celron 2.4 that just gets the job done) will probably be regulated to a doorstopper sandbox.. I'm looking foward to get a new Conroe soon for my main rig.... :)

07-19-06, 04:10 PM
vista home premium has MCE components

and i really doubt that there will be HDCP AGP card

07-19-06, 04:33 PM
yea i dunno... I wouldn't be surprised either way... I'm not sure if the AGP boards out right now also had the "space" to optionally implement the HDCP key chip, like how the current PCIe boards are (but nobody bothered to actually put one on)

I kinda hope so, even if its not made by Nvidia. I would like to advoid buying another full computer for my next HTPC