View Full Version : nvidia color correctio wizard does nothing!

07-20-06, 02:59 AM
seriousely this is my 4th nvidia card and 3rd monitor. whenever i try to use the correction wizard it makes my screen unviewable. it goes completely black or close to it. now i can see if just one of my monitors had this but all three?

is this a known nvidia thing?

07-20-06, 12:57 PM

07-20-06, 06:38 PM
leave it standard and i allways switch the coulor corretion off had better results that way even in photo shop

07-20-06, 11:10 PM

both i have two crt's and one lcd. not to mention over they years this has been my experiance with all nvidia driver versions.

if i go in and switch the sliders manually it's fine and dandy. but if i try and use the wizard the screen always comes out so dark i can barley make it out. this has also been two of my friend experiances too. my crt's are fairly close to the proper gamma and contrast without messing with the driver color controls. but the lcd absolutley needs it. the only way i can make sure my gamma is right is to go out and use a third party gamma loader. and bypass the driver controll altoghther.