View Full Version : Fake HDR + AA = Happy Nvidia?

07-20-06, 08:00 AM

Looks pretty good..some of those shots..i thought look better than the hdr in oblivion..i wanna give it ago but has anyone else tried this one? The FPS drop seems very minimal too.

07-20-06, 09:38 AM
Crickey u like digging up old news

07-20-06, 10:24 AM
I had the game for awhile but decided to wait for the new rig to really enjoy the game ><..

Its pretty old..but i thought some people might be intrested....there are times in the game mainly in city areas and lots of trees etc..the jaggy is pretty visible :(. This is @ 1280 ress.

I also notice that if you use this combined with AA the game is pretty smooth..has a different look/feel to the game. Would be nice if the game did have AA / HDR or atleast a HDR look alike how the Source Engine does.

07-25-06, 09:24 AM
Try the attached fx file. I didn't like how the mod as it stood so strongly burnt highlights out, so I made a more subtle version.

static const float BloomScale = 0.0;
static const float HDRScale = -0.60;
static const float HDRAdjust = -0.50;

This what changed. The bloomscale controls the amount of white burnout, the hdradjust controls overall contrast (and blue washout - very noticeable in pictures with a sky for instance).