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07-20-06, 02:40 PM
Hey all. My dad has a 2 1/2 year old Compaq Presario 2100 laptop that has a AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Mobile, 256MB RAM and Broadcom Built In Mini PCI Wireless card. The wireless card has never really worked that great; the reception sucks, speeds sucks and everything else sucks. Just the other day, XP quit recognizing the card and none of the drivers straight from Broadcom seemed to have worked.

We first bought an external Netgear and Linksys card for the PCIMIA slot. The cards didn't work at all. Then, we ordered a new Intel mini PCI wireless card from NewEgg.com and it seemed to work . . . for a second. I rebooted due to the new software and I got a BIOS error on the PCI controller. Finally, every time I rebooted the lappy, it would freeze during boot up. Turns out that it didn't work either. (I took out the card and it booted up just fine).

I've finally came to the conclusion that there are a few motherboard problems. One, the PCI controller (which is on the mobo) does not like to be used lol. Secondly, we have never used that PCIMIA slot so we dunno if it worked . . . ever. Something just tells me that it's reaching it's age limit and it just needs to be sold as replacement parts on eBay. Does anyone agree with me or am I missing something?

My dad wants wireless from his lappy . . . but nothing is working. Just thought I would share and try to get some confirmation outta this. Thanks again guys.

07-20-06, 03:58 PM
Check for BIOS updates, this could be a known BIOS issue.

07-20-06, 04:50 PM
Check for BIOS updates, this could be a known BIOS issue.

Compaq has somewhat discontinued support for this laptop. If you go online to HP.com and try to look up the model, all you will find is drivers and special software. I've looked around for BIOS upgrades but there aren't any.

07-20-06, 09:17 PM
From my previous experience with Compaq laptops at work...Show your dad you love him and get rid of that pos. ;)

07-21-06, 12:56 AM
From my previous experience with Compaq laptops at work...Show your dad you love him and get rid of that pos. ;)

I've been trying to discourage the buying of other wireless cards and such but he doesn't wanna spend any major money :rolleyes:. Anyways, we went to look at the new MacBooks at the Apple store last week and he loves them. I told him that he just needs to buy one of those . . . maybe he'll listen to me one of these days.

07-21-06, 01:19 AM
It's likely that the Compaq BIOS is rejecting the MiniPCI card. Compaq and IBM/Lenovo laptops are often manufactured such that you have to buy the vendor's miniPCI card (at a price premium) because the off-the-shelf cards are rejected by the BIOS at boot.

Sound familiar?

I bet you dollars to donuts that the original miniPCI card had an Intel Chipset and the Broadcom chipset cannot be recognized (used) by the Compaq BIOS.

07-24-06, 02:16 PM
Well, just to clarify some things, my dad ordered a Nova Tech card (the only other alternative, had good reviews and such). I just put it in and tried to install the software, but the software locked up. I went through Device Manager and it installed the drivers just fine. After a reboot, it locked up at the Windows XP loading screen.

This lappy is just a POS and needs to just be sold for replacement parts lol. There is a major hardware conflict and I don't think that there is anything I can do about it. Oh well, thanks for the comments guys.