View Full Version : Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Processor motherboard compatabliltiy?

07-20-06, 04:25 PM
will the new core 2 duos be compatible with all socket Ts?
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Processor is what im interested in

- i need a matx mobo and the ones on newegg that are compatable have horrible rateings

-are these out yet there hard to find and i saw preorders somewhere
-i wont to sell my 3800 x2 and get a comperable 300 intel befoer the prices kill me

07-20-06, 04:38 PM
There was a list started sometime back but it does not look up to date. There were several boards scheduled to be available on 7/20, today, but I have not seen them yet. All the main mfgs have mATX scheduled. ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte should have several mATX available soon.

The answer on Socket T compatibility I think is 'no' except for specific upgraded versions like MSI P4N, version 2.0.

07-20-06, 04:48 PM
how long do you think it will take these these things to hit the market, im sure the prices will drop by then on the 3800 :(

07-20-06, 04:58 PM
There will be a lot of activity as soon as the Conroes are available. I have not seen a firm date yet but hope to see the Core2 processors before the end of the month. Probably will see the mobos launch then too.