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07-20-06, 11:10 PM
recently for my birthday i received a beatiful Viewsonic vx2025wm monitor and the drivers, both nvidia and viewsonic have proved to be interesting. After trying several driver version 81's and 91.31, the nvidia drivers finally realized that the screen needed to be at a 1680x1050 resolution and set it properly to it. But refresh? It is stuck at 60, not that it matters too awfully much, but i would like the refresh to be at the monitor's max, 75. So now the screen is at 60hz thinking i will fix that down the line, then moving on to cs:s to get a little widescreen gaming goodness, low and behold the sli profiles are all messed up, messed up where every other frame has red lines through it. I ran into this issue previously when the sli profiles weren't working correctly with my other monitor and now they are back, i've tried re-installing nHancer and returning my sli profiles to default and still nothing, sigh. if anyone has had any similar issues with refresh or sli-profiles it would be greatly appreciated.

a little fyi - in display properties, unchecking hide rates which monitor cannot handle leaves only 60hz in the box and trying to make a custom resolution at that rate also fails. sli was working perfectly with my benq monitor (19") and moving on to this 20" widescreen has proven to be an adventure. using only a single 6800gt in my sli profile lets the game run without the every other red tinted screen, but i obviously lose quite a few fps.

i'm going to be out of town and i'm going to try to get vin here to, as he will be handling possible fixes until i return.:D

edit: well, found out that issue.... apparently the monitor locks the refresh at 60hz at the native resolution when using either dvi or vga. it's at everyother resolution below native that the monitor can do 75hz. not that it is at all noticable on an lcd anyways, just like it sometimes for peace of mind. now onto the sli issue

07-21-06, 06:15 AM
A 75hz lcd? Cool. start>run>dxdiag>morehelp>refresh override, then verify after of course.

07-21-06, 11:16 AM
before i had the monitor drivers, i had it running at 75Hz @ 1600x1050. maybe that wasnt good for it :eek:

guess we will remain at 60Hz, heh.

EDIT: waaait a second. maybe it can run at 75Hz and the add custom resolution error is a bug in the drivers. check this out.
seems to be a bug in the drivers. its up to you if you want me to run the monitor at that refresh or not. it didnt give me any messages that it was out of range, so idk.

07-21-06, 11:31 AM
if it works go with it :D

the panel is rated for 75hz and if it doesn't say that it is out of range then i see no reason why not to run it there.

now if i could figure out why the sli profiles aren't working for it, i'd be all set

btw ViN, you did have it at 1680x1050 and not 1600x 1050 right?

07-21-06, 11:56 AM
idk.... ill check it out when i get home.

07-22-06, 10:25 AM
so was it at 1600 or 1680?

i'm still looking into why the sli profiles don't work for crap :(

...that's probably going to have to wait until i get home to figure that out

07-23-06, 03:34 PM
it was at 1680. SLi is still actin ghey heh.

07-23-06, 10:20 PM
sli was acting gay the last time i was using the 91.31 drivers and newer also. try reverting back to the 8x.xx, the latest 8x's that i have already installed, that worked last time. just remember to restart after enabling sli, and then you can reset profiles to default... such a pain in the ass, i forgot to tell you i had this issue the last time i tried the 91.31 drivers. that really needs to be fixed

07-30-06, 05:39 PM
It seems there are a few people with this prob, but with different hardware. For me and slaWter, it is yellow flashing, and with 7900GTX's and the 3007WFP. Others with this combo don't have the same issue apparently. I was able to isolate it to one of the PCI-E slots on my mobo, so either slot or chipset, not sure yet. The easiest fix is to run any driver before th 87.xx's, but you have to hack some profiles for newer games like prey (SLI profile in 91.33 drivers works well) The only hardware I share with you is the A8N-SLI, but mine is the premium.

07-30-06, 10:38 PM
thanks for the help, i will definately look into that when i get home :D