View Full Version : WD 10,000 RPM drives are not really for desktops

Admiral Horror
02-10-03, 12:35 PM
According to their press release (http://www.wdc.com/company/releases/PressRelease.asp?release={DB097012-1643-4CF1-B7F7-7573035C067C}) the new 10,000 SATA drives are not really aimed at workstations. The size of 36 Gigs is not quite what I hoped for and the cost of "30% less than a SCSI counterpart" still makes it almost twice the price of a 7,200 RPM drive of the same volume.

I realize that it's just the beginning and eventually we'll all have 10,000 drives in our desktops, I am just dissapointed because I hoped that the time is now and not in some distant future.

02-10-03, 02:49 PM
I'm getting along just fine w/my 15K RPM seagate, and that's in a workstation. Some users might feel limited by 18gig of space but not me. I have another 18gig scsi160 drive that I keep all my games (8 gig) and personal files (about 4 gig) stored.

If you are on a tight budget and/or need a lot of room then IDE is the natural choice. If you must have extreme throughput and don't need a ridiculous amount of drive space then SCSI is for you. :p