View Full Version : Office Max specials - what to get?

02-10-03, 12:36 PM
I took a look at the latest flier for my local Office Max and saw they had some pretty sweet deals going. A UPS for $25 (not too much juice, but enough to get a PC shut down) and a pack of DVD-R discs for $15. The question is, I want to get some other stuff but I can't afford everything. I've narrowed it down to a couple things:

Logitech MX700 is $59 - I demoed it and it was good. I'd be willing to give it another try, especially since it's on sale.


New computer desk is $49 - I saw a pretty nice one that actually has a spot for my printer and tower. I just don't know if I feel like engaging in something where the box will say "some assembly required."

02-10-03, 12:55 PM
The mx700:cool:

And you can always get your buddy vamp a new mouse;) :D

02-10-03, 09:56 PM
the mx700:D :D :D :D
i got the 500 and it roxers me boxers... smoothest mouse i have ever used. i used to be a microsoft boy... i think im gonna convert to logitech:afro:

02-11-03, 10:34 AM
depends on if you've got yer current pc getto rigged on the kitchen counter top or if you have a generic intellimouse 'look-a-like" from walmart :p I already have a MX700 and can confirm you wouldn't go wrong down that route ;)

02-11-03, 10:37 AM

can't beat a rechargeable mouse :)

on another note... I wonder if I will develop another brain tumor with all the wireless stuff in my room :)

wireless keyboard/mouse/phone/router/nic