View Full Version : nForce problem, please help!!

07-24-06, 10:33 PM
just look at the screenshot why nvidia sw driver doesn't detect my hdds? i already tried reinstalling, uninstalling ide drivers.

07-25-06, 06:46 PM
uninstall the SWIDE drivers > reboot > reinstall the SWIDE drivers. > reboot.

07-26-06, 06:08 AM
i tried that still the same, tried drivers from the cd, tried the updates ones from asus, tried updated ones from nvidia, tried the ones from your custom pack, same story

i finally did re-install of windows(it was time anyway), and now it works fine.

07-26-06, 06:09 AM
that is very strange.

07-26-06, 06:20 AM
i know it is, i removed every nvidia driver(nic, sw, smbus, display) runned driver cleaner, reinstalled and same story.

after that i decided to reinstall windows