View Full Version : BFME2 Expansion "The Rise of The Witch-king" Revealed

07-25-06, 09:16 AM
If you are a BFME fan , this should interest you :
Then Amir showed off a video of their BFME2 on Xbox 360. Following teh video he started to talk about a new Expansion for the PC version. It was called BFME2 The Life of the Witckh King. The story is bascially about what happens when to the WK beforethe period of the War of the ring. It shows the WK in a new armor with new buildsings and new units. There were also new powers like summoning a ice wolf that walks on 2 legs. IT was neat but nothing really special. The graphics were bascially the same. We didnt stay for the cards and collectibles because we had to leave San Diego to come home.

07-26-06, 04:34 AM
When the new CnC comes out..i bet will see alot of expantions to it lol..probably might not have movies in the game just to save money and release expantion mods..

07-26-06, 07:52 AM
Fun game, but not expansion worthy IMO.

07-28-06, 12:28 AM
Officially announced now :