View Full Version : tRas to 4 in nTune

07-26-06, 07:07 AM
Why won't nTune allow me to set my tRas to 4, the lowest is 5? I have set it to 4 using other programs and when I tried the autotune option for the fun of it to see what it would come up with it found 4 to be the best setting in that but it just won't let you select it manually.

07-27-06, 04:36 PM
ntune messed my 7900gtx sli system up so bad it wouldn't even post, after I cleared the bios, my mobo wouldn't recognize my memory, still no post of course. I tore my system apart and restarted from scratch and am running fine now but I will never touch ntune again. scary..............It had my memory at 4-1-1-1. It insanely OCed my PCIE bus and lowered my FSB below 200, wouldn't OC my cards period. I can do much better on my own. I wouldn't trust this software, I can't believe it came with my drivers CD from eVga..........PS-love your avatar-hottest vampire ever!