View Full Version : nVidia/Windows Media Player 11 Beta problem.

07-26-06, 02:01 PM
nVidia/Windows Media Player 11 Beta problem.

I just recently installed an AGP nVidia 6800GTO in a 2.26 GHZ P4 box. I installed the latest drivers and I have it hooked up to a 21 Samsung LCD monitor via DVI. Everything seemed to be working until I tried to view a .avi file with Windows Media Player 11 Beta. When I try to open the .avi file in WMP11 it opens the app and then immediately closes it. I have removed all of my .avi decoders like XVID, DIVX, ..etc. I have also tried installing all of the last 4 nvidia drivers including the newest beta ones. No matter what I do as long as I have the nVidia drivers installed WMP11 crashes with .avi files. All other file types work in WMP11 and the .avi files work with Zoom Player and VLC. If I remove the nVidia drivers altogether then all file types including .avi files work in WMP11. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

07-27-06, 07:43 AM
I actually solved this problem last night. It appears that the nVidia drivers were not working well with certain colorspaces. When I tried to play a YUY2 video(4:2:1) it was causing WMP11 to crash. WMP11 was also giving some very weird color problems when I played YV12 videos. I fixed this problem by installing ffdshow and I associated its decoder with all .avi file types. Then I set the output to YUY2. Now it seems to play everything perfectly in WMP11. The only problem is that VLC and Zoom have a black crush problem. I guess I will just setup an ffdshow profile to get rid of the black crush. I can switch back and forth between the profiles depending on which player I want to use. I guess no one else has seen this problem?