View Full Version : think my system has blown.

07-28-06, 09:13 AM
Ok here goes, i was sitting on my pc yesterday playing Rome Total War, and then all of a sudden theres this big bang.. followed with a burning/musty smell. I have no idea what has happened and nothing seems to be working. The psu seems to be still operating as the LED still lightens up when i connect the power socket to it. The CPU seems intact as i have taken the fan off and there dosent seem to be any burn marks. Also the memory seems ok, but i have noticed that the back metal plate on the graphics card seems to be slightly tainted. Im hoping that the graphics card hasnt blown as i have just recently purchased it.

Here are my system specs
AMD athlon64 3000+ @ 2400Mhz
1GB Crucial Ballistix Ram
HIS Radeon X1900XT ICEQ3 which was running slightly OC'd
ABIT NV8 Motherboard Socket 754

Another thing as well the temperature over here is very hot at the moment and im hoping this isnt a main contributer to this happening.

Any ideas??? should i RMA my graphics card is there anyway i can test the system out to see if its ok? it dosent seem to be booting up. although the PSU seems to be fine. Im hoping my system hasnt volted. Any ideas on what i can do? HELP!!!

07-28-06, 09:40 AM
Unplug everything, let it cool, and then smell the components until you find the culprit. You may need to take it apart to isolate the smell, though.

Good luck! I hope it's something cheap and easy for you to replace.

07-28-06, 10:03 AM
Similar thing happened to me. Turned out the psu had fried.

Good luck.