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07-28-06, 09:09 PM

Shogo CD
Download the Shogo CD in mp3 format. [ Link (http://www.lith.com/popup.asp?id=shogo#music) ]

07-28-06, 09:13 PM
Sweeeeet. I love(d) Shogo. Best application of any form of the Lithtech engine.

07-29-06, 04:54 AM
givf remake

07-29-06, 08:30 AM
Only 6 tracks??

Come to think of it, I think that is all.

"Here Kitty Kitty. Come here you stupid Cat!"

07-29-06, 01:02 PM
Always cool to see the soundtrack to a game being made free (although this one didn't have much in the way of music to begin with). We should start a thread listing them all.

07-30-06, 12:11 PM
O man is this bringing me back. I love track 2 and 3. One of the best games I remember playing. Favorite weapon was the 6 rocket, rocket launcher, the way they would all fly off in different spiraling directions was just awesome. Blood was also very fun. O man the first song really brings me back. Shogo RULED.
Anyone up for a MP game?

07-30-06, 05:53 PM
I liked the Red Riot. Man the gun kicked ass. Great effects too.

07-31-06, 02:38 AM
I liked the Red Riot. Man the gun kicked ass. Great effects too.

Was that the huge Kaboom gun that made an exspolsion the size a large car. That was a fun gun too.

07-31-06, 07:33 AM
I think it was bigger than that. It was found on the last level if you choose to "save" your brother as opposed to helping his cause and stopping the military.

07-31-06, 12:55 PM
Great, now I've got to install it. This should be blast.

07-31-06, 01:05 PM
Man I haven't played Shogo in forever, what an awesome game that was. :D

07-31-06, 06:41 PM
I might to try playing it later. Wonder how it will look with some AA/AF at a high res. I wonder if it will even run properly on XP with modern hardware.

How I loved those dual pistols.