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07-29-06, 12:16 AM

Ritualistic Quake 4 Point Release 1.3 Preview [ Link (http://www.ritualistic.com/content.php/articles/060729_quake4_maps.php) ]

The version 1.3 point release for Quake 4 is set to ship with a copious amount of new content for the game, including several original maps and game modes created by Ritual Entertainment. For this feature, we sat down with two of the level designers involved in the project, John "HAL9000" Schuch and Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose, for some comments on their creations, and have a bunch of exclusive screenshots, too!

Source: [ Shacknews (http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/43141) ]


PlanetQuake4 Quake 4 Point Release 1.3 Preview [ Link (http://www.planetquake4.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=Features&file=Quake4_1.3_Preview) ]

Earlier this month, PlanetQuake4.net had the opportunity to preview a test build of the Quake4 1.3 Point Release, which will be released in the coming days. Our preview of this extensive update to Quake 4 includes a look at the new gametype "Deadzone", the "Buy Mode" game option, the updated multiplayer physics, and performance enhancements.

Source: [ ESReality (http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=1154637) ]


Some information taken from comments SyncError (id software) made in the Q4 Preview thread at ESReality.

- Please take note that NO fixes are mentioned. The article focuses on gameplay changes and additions, but that obviously does not mean that bug fixes aren't in 1.3 -- they just are more of a given and usually not news worthy in articles.

- And with it, the return of lava in basemaps. =) (Referring to the dm2 (http://www.planetquake4.net/pic.php3?c=./images/napalm2.jpg) Remake that will be in PR 1.3)

- Hyperblaster has been adjusted.

- 6 of the old weapons have been adjusted.

- Yes, bridge to rail is very doable now. (Referring to dm6 Remake & Q4 changed movement)

- 1.2->1.3 Patch ~ 125mb
- Full 1.3 Patch ~ 250mb

- Rockets are faster, smaller and have greater knockback.

- r_forceAmbient is more robust and useful than either Q4MAXs, XBMs, GTRs, RA4s or Delta's ambient commands. Its low settings start with a much darker ambient light (r_forceAmbient 0.01) and scale up from there... this allows you to set a very dark environment and make full use of the glow paths on the brightskins, weapskins, item glows, etc. Not everyone will want to set theirs up visually that way, but I know many who prefer that and that is now possible. Luckily thanks to adding it to base, it will automatically be available to all mods who release a 1.3 compatible.