View Full Version : Trying to make sense of the whole Conroe and Nvidia issues...

07-29-06, 04:42 AM

I'm thinking of upgrading as I'm sure alot of people are.

I have my eye on the E6700 Conroe......

I would love to get an Asus board but the issues arise becuase I have an EVGA 7950GX2.

I have yet to see a motherboard from Asus or Abit that can do the E6700 conroe and the 7950GX2 and something that is DX10 compliant so when the G80 comes out, I will be all ready to go.

Is it just a waiting game now...will the 7950 accepted motherboards that can use Conroe be out soon....or am I way off on this and there really aren't any issues?

I Asus to release something that supports both conroe and 7950GX2 quad SLI or just general SLI?

07-29-06, 02:59 PM
Yes, many of the manufatuars are. What everyone's waiting on is the 590 chipset boards which yes, do feature SLI support. Asus has one out now but it's only a 570 chipset board, and so far the reviews on those 590 boards are just jaw droppping. The boards should be out starting August 1st.

07-29-06, 04:22 PM
ASUS Has a 570 board out?? Link?

07-29-06, 04:53 PM
ASUS Has a 570 board out?? Link?
My mistake, it's just an nforce 4 board, but does support SLI.